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Kouch Multi Chopper 2L

Titanium Blades Series

kouch Multi Chopper KC-2042

Titanium blades series

2 Speed
2 Liters
Digital Timer

The Kouch Electric Food Chopper is a versatile and powerful kitchen appliance designed to simplify food preparation tasks.
Equipped with a 500W copper motor, the Chopper effortlessly handles chopping tasks for meat, fruits, and salads. The durable metal gear and connector ensure reliable performance and long-lasting use.
The chopper features a 2.0L capacity, allowing you to process large quantities of ingredients simultaneously. The two-speed control lets you adjust the chopping speed according to your needs. Use speed 1 for delicate ingredients like eggs, garlic, and vegetables and speed 2 for tougher items such as carrots, meat, and ginger.


74 €

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